The Big, The Bold and the Bad!

The Big, The Bold and the Bad!

A tell all experience of my first ever lip augmentation

close-up-face-fingers-925352.jpgThis post is dedicated to my ‘new’ Lips, and despite what may seem a negative title I LOVE them!

So what do you think of when you think about enhanced lips…. I think of the big, the bold and of course the bad! Those ‘trout pouts’ and Barbie lips, in fact I have never really associated it with good lips. I now realise where this common misconception comes from… If lips have been filled well you cant even tell they have been done! Yep sometimes the most natural looking lips have been filled, a notion that I never even considered.

It seems impossible to know where to go, who to see and how to make sure you’re not that person that goes wrong. I mean can you really trust another person with your face? I don’t have the answers to that but I can share with you my experience and if it helps educate you in anyway then I am happy to assist.

Before Treatment

Why my lips and why now?

For me this was not an easy decision and not one I made over night! In fact it’s something I thought long and hard about for years. Really it all stems from early insecurities about my face. I have never felt that my facial features were in proportion, I have always hated my nose as I felt it was too big for my face. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t conscious about it. In more recent years and after seeking professional advice I began to realise that actually it’s my small mouth that was making my face look so out of proportion. My lips where tiny, flat and I suffer an overbite making them in general just look a mess. I also have a naturally wonky top lip, one side is curved and one side almost dead straight. When I smile or talk my top lip totally disappears. I was always aware of my ‘small’ lips but never thought about getting them filled mostly due to my own personal fears of the dreaded ‘trout pout’. Today you see so many over filled lips, lips that don’t move naturally and lips that just look lumpy and weird. To cut a long story short I decided I would give it a go. I found someone I Trusted that was professional, experienced and friendly. Also local to where I work, one of Brighton’s hidden gems!

Before treatment


Firstly and most importantly before I get into all the juicy details the most eye-opening thing about the whole procedure was that it’s incredibly invasive. Its not a case of one needle, one injection… nor is it a case of two or three. There are several injections around the lips and through various layers of muscle/tissue in the lips. Now having had this done I absolutely recommend having it done with a medical professional, someone that is fully trained in nursing and has the ability to manage any emergencies during the procedure.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 15.02.38

I had my lips done at Brighton Beautiful, Jackie is an experienced healthcare professional, who’s worked in Nursing for thirty years. Jackie qualified as an Independent Nurse Prescriber in 2010, allowing her to legally prescribe medicines. As a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, Jackie goes to regular seminars and workshops working with the newest cosmetic products and procedures. Following my initial consultation Jackie decided to use ‘Boletero Lips’, a product that allows the treatment to be tailored to the patients needs. This product comes in two parts and allows for the shaping of the lip border as well as the lip infill. They also provide incredibly natural results. Jackie recommended two sessions injecting 1ml syringes a time.

So what can I tell you about the experience….

Did it hurt… YES, was it unbearable… no, would I do it again… absolutely!


The Treatment

Prior to the treatment my lips had been numbed with 2 different creams one I applied before I left my house and another once I arrived. Jackie began the treatment working on the border of my lips; this was around 1-2 small injections on each side of my lips, top and bottom working the product from the centre out. She also injected a small amount in the centre of my lips above my cupids bow (not going to lie the middle of the lips is by far the most painful bit). After this she used a cannula and blunt needle to evenly spread the filler into my top and bottle lip. This was a little uncomfortable and you can feel the needle pushing through layers of tissue in the lips but I felt totally safe knowing that Jackie was a fully qualified nurse. There was minimal bleeding on the day and overall I would rate it a 6 on the pain scale. 1 being no pain, 10 being unbearable. Throughout this treatment I had 1ml of product injected.

Post Treatment

My initial reaction after the treatment was great; I loved the way they looked! They were slightly swollen and very red however they were looking great. The lips were very tender for about 3 days however the swelling reduced after about 24 hours. By day 4 I would say my lips felt normal, no pain and moved normally. The only difference is that they feel firmer, like the first time I put on a push up bra! Firm and plump. Feedback from friends and family at this stage was great, everyone thought they looked natural, some people commented that my wonky top lip was still not even however it was significantly better.

Straight after treatment 1
Before and After treatment 1 – Side profile


Treatment 2

Three weeks after my initial treatment I returned to Jackie for my final treatment and my second 1ml syringe. Again the procedure was very similar to the first time, we began with the border then moved on to infill. For me I found the second time much less painful! We did a little more work on the top lip evening up my natural wonky smile and working product into the cupids bow. After this treatment I have had a total of 2ml product injected in.

Post Treatment

This time the lips did not swell as much and recovered quicker. There was more bruising around the lip line but that also disappeared very quickly. I love my lips now! They are so much better suited for my face; even my toughest critics can appreciate how natural they look. The treatment has not only enlarged my lips but also transformed my wonky smile!

My New Smile

36187943_10155587444128202_5586667118155268096_nIf you managed to get to the end of this essay then well done!

If this treatment is something you or someone you know is considering I hope you found this helpful! I can honestly say this whole experience has been a totally pleasant surprise. I really do love my new lips and I have had a great experience with Jackie at Brighton Beautiful. Working on lips really is a skill and also a responsibility, I totally value her advice and opinions on what is best for my face. I really do think the results speak for them-self. If you are someone thats thinking about having this done I would highly recommend Jackie at Brighton Beautiful.

Contact Brighton Beautiful for more information on how to book a consultation

I hope you enjoyed this post, please drop a comment below if you have any questions!


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